Come August of every year, bells will ring and wheels on the bus will go round and round as traditional schools open to welcome back students across Wake County. Book bags, pencils, crayons, and binders will flood the aisles of our nearest shopping stores as parents search high and low in hope to find the best reasonable price. This year, we hope parents will not have to look too far as book bags and school supplies will be distributed at our 2019 BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH.

The BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH is an annual event where families of neighboring communities unite to jump start the upcoming academic school year. This inspirational day is filled with music, family-centered activities, food, and insight toward a healthy, well-balanced, and successful school year. Teachers within the community come to share studying and test taking tips while nutritionists share healthy snack alternatives to help decrease childhood obesity and/or Diabetes. Students of all ages and registered for this event will have an opportunity to receive a book bag along with age-appropriate school supplies.

Last year, the Berean Community Center along with its community partners were able to support over 1000 students with book bags and supplies. We greatly appreciate members of the community who unselfishly donate either monetarily and/or provide supplies. We are equally appreciative of those members in the community who volunteer their time on the day of the BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH in support of our students. Through our organized efforts and programs, such as the BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH, we, the Berean Community Center, strive to empower individuals, enrich families, and engage the community.