Challenge Purpose

Be-Fit emphasizes the importance of holistic care by providing education, physical activities, and a network of accountability that facilitate the well-being of all participants.

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The Be-Fit Healthy Habits Challenge is an 5-week program from July 8th through August 11th. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage participants to start and maintain healthy habits by committing to a healthy nutritional protocol, daily exercise, sufficient sleep, and personal reflection/meditation time. As an incentive, the challenge is organized into two-partner teams that will compete for a prize that will foster the healthy habits encouraged throughout the challenge. There is a $10 registration fee to participate.

Challenge Guidelines

Challenge Structure

Two-Partner teams will be created and assigned to a Challenge Motivator.

  • Participants are required to submit journal entries to their assigned Motivator. Journals can be submitted daily or weekly, but they must contain:

  • 1. Daily food and water intake

    2. Daily exercise log

    3. Daily sleep log

    4. Daily personal reflection

  • Baseline Workout: Participants will execute a timed baseline workout, consisting of squats, push-ups, crunches, and a run during the first week of the challenge and again during the last week to record improvement. 

Challenge Point System

Points will be assigned for every guideline missed during the challenge.

  • Nutrition: One (1) point will be assigned for every “cheat” meal. A “cheat” meal is defined as a meal, snack, bite, small taste, or sip of any of the foods or drinks on the “Do NOT Eat List”. 

  • Exercise: One (1) point will be assigned for every day missed below the exercise guideline. **One (1) point will be taken off for every 5K run/walk that participants complete during the challenge timeframe. Two (2) points will be taken off at the end of the challenge for cutting 30 seconds or more off of your baseline workout time.**

  • Sleep: One (1) point will be assigned for every day missed below the sleep guideline.

  • Personal Reflection: One (1) point will be assigned for every day missed below the personal reflection guideline.

  • Accountability: One (1) point will be assigned for not submitting journal to the assigned Motivator weekly. **Daily submission is encouraged, but points WILL NOT be assigned if submitted weekly. **

  • Things happen. Certain circumstances may prevent you from following the guidelines on any given day throughout the challenge. Two (2) allowances per week will be permitted without penalty.

Challenge Food Protocol


  • No Fried Foods

  • Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners – Remember, it’s okay to juice natural fruits, but sugary and processed fruit drinks that contain unnatural flavors, sweeteners, or enrichments are NOT allowed. Soda is even worse than fruit juice. Stay away from soda of ALL kinds!

  • Limited Dairy – NO… Milk, butter, cheese of all kinds, ice cream, pudding, etc

  • Limited Grains/Gluten – NO… Bread, cereals, crackers, Cream of Wheat, grits, pancakes, pasta, wheat, couscous, etc.

  • No Corn – This includes cornmeal, corn chips, and popcorn!

  • No Alcohol


  • Unlimited Fruit – Limited dried fruit (they often contain added sugar. Read your labels!

    Unlimited Vegetables – Roots, shoots, stems & leaves.

  • Meat – Look for Nitrate free.


  • Allowed Grains: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Quinoa

    Allowed Dairy: Plain Yogurt

  • Nuts & Seeds – Includes nut milks and butters.
  • Coffee & Tea – Remember, no sugar! If you brew coffee or tea yourself, go without or use a natural sweetener instead.

  • Natural Sweeteners – Honey, pure maple syrup, Stevia and limited Agave.

  • Water – Drink 1/2 your bodyweight or more in ounces a day!

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