Our Vision…

is to become a leader in promoting holistic opportunities that impact and empower underserved students and their families in the Wake County and surrounding areas.

Our Mission…

is to equip students and their families through family-centered programs and access to academic, career, financial and health resources that increase academic success, career opportunities and improve wellness.

Our Values

Equipping Community

We value community partnerships and collaborations.

“The Center for Science Technology and Leadership Development (CSTLD) is pleased to collaborate with The Berean Community Center to offer STEM as an exciting and fun Virtual Summer Camp experience for middle and high school students.”

Empowering relationships

We value family and community connections.

“Ya’ll really did a good job on taking care of those kids,” said one grandmother attending the event. “My grandkids were so happy to get the school supplies and they were very excited. God bless you all.”

Emphasizing social justice

We value advocacy and equal opportunity.

“If the cloak of the constitution does protect all of us, how can we believe it will protect any of us.”

“While justice often takes longer than it should, justice can prevail.”

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

We value financial literacy and business development.

“The panelists were extremely knowledgeable and shared valuable information to consider when starting a business.”