Our Vision

To empower individuals, enrich families,
and engage communities.

Our Mission

To provide programs and access to resources and services through community collaborations that impact the holistic well-being of individuals and families.

Our Values

  • Equipping Communities
  • Empowering Relationships 
  • Emphasizing Social Justice 
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Message from the Board President

Community is what the world desperately needs more than ever as we continue to defeat this infamous global pandemic, COVID-19.  We are forever grateful for all front-line workers, including but not limited to, our health care professionals, grocery store workers, truck drivers, and all of those who have worked endlessly to support and sustain the essential needs for all of us.  Students and teachers abruptly transitioned from classroom style learning and teaching, respectively, to exploring ways to continue education virtually from home.  The concern for childhood hunger grew exponentially as thousands of students, who depend daily on meals provided by school, would now be home without proper nutrition.  The rate of unemployment has skyrocketed and across our nation families are concerned on how to make ends meet.   Amid the many challenges we continue to face in year 2020, I am comforted by knowing God is still with us and our community is prepared to respond and support those in need.

The Berean Community Center, established in 2015 as a non-profit and affiliate of Berean Baptist Church, has definitely molded its footprint within the Millbrook community and across Wake County.  We have served thousands of students and hundreds of families by providing aid toward student lunches, hosting our annual Back to School Bash/Bookbag Drive, and supplying needs to low income families during our annual Christmas/Holiday Gift Drive.  Rising against childhood obesity, we hosted an annual 5K to encourage children and families to increase their physical activity.  Proceeds from our 5K were used to support our annual Back to School Bash and Bookbag Drive. We have emphasized the importance of social justice by promoting voter registration and communicating local resources that expand opportunities in low income communities for new entrepreneurs and first-time homeowners.  We have corralled the community and community leaders to bring awareness and celebrate one of the most significant events in African American History, Abolition Day.  Our programs and events have been greatly successful due to our many compassionate volunteers and local organizations who choose to support and partner with us yearly.  We are truly grateful to have partnered, over the years, with McGuire Woods Consulting, Green Road Community Center, Green Road Community Library, Wake UP and Read, Millbrook Human Services, Raleigh Rescue Mission, Berean Baptist Church, the Garden on Millbrook, 

Chic-fil-A, PDQ, and so many more!  Although many of our annual events have been postponed this year due to COVID-19, the Berean Community Center is eager to explore alternative ways to uphold our mission and commitment to our partners and the community.

Our Board of Directors is excited to announce the newest Executive Director of the Berean Community Center. Mrs. Christine Montague – Hicks brings 20 years of previous experience in the non-profit sector and has held several senior leadership roles with Raleigh Rescue Mission, Southwest Behavioral & Health Services, American Red Cross, and Friendly House.  Joining us in February 2020, Christine has committed to expanding our programs and partnerships and sustaining a prominent presence within the community we serve.  

Respectfully submitted, 

Yolanda S.W. Moore, O.D.
President, Berean Community Center

Message from the Executive Director

I am honored and elated to assume the role as the 3rd Executive Director for the Berean Community Center. 2019 was a transitional year for the Berean Community Center. Special thanks and recognition to Mrs. Kathleen High who served as the Executive Director for the first half of the year. In March, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our normal operations. Like so many other organizations our services were halted as stay at home orders mandated by the Governor was instituted to slow the spread of the virus. We took this as an opportunity to reevaluate how to best serve our community in this new environment and to meet the growing needs exasperated by the pandemic.

A leadership survey was created and conducted to assess our strengths and opportunities for the future. This was the foundation for the development of a 3-year strategic plan. Working with the Board of Directors, a funds development committee was established to draft a plan to increase revenue that would support our signature programs through grant opportunities. The Berean Community Center’s website was updated to reflect current events and initiatives. In June we were able to restart programming in a new way offering a virtual summer Math & Science Camp in partnership with The Center for Technology and Leadership Development. The Center was able to provide safe ways for our volunteers to participate in the summer food distribution in an effort to compact childhood hunger and assist students and families with meals during the summer months.

This report is just a glimpse of the impact we have been able to have in 2019 through dedicated leadership, volunteers and donors. It is our hope that in 2020 we will be able to have a greater impact on our community.

Christine Montague-Hicks M.ED, NCC, LCMHC
Executive Director

2019 Accomplishments

The Back2School Bash provided 650 backpacks filled with age appropriate school supplies and provided literacy and community resources to support a successful school year. 125 individuals participated in the Read, Write, Run 5K which encouraged a healthy and active lifestyle and raised awareness of the importance of access to tools that promote literacy for all children.

BCC piloted the Virtual Summer Science & Math Camp held in partnership with Center for Science, Technology and Leadership Development for middle school youth (6-8th grades). 50 youth participated in the camp virtually on June 15th – July 17, 2020 for three days a week, two hours daily. Math topics included statistics, analyzing and interpreting data, probability, difference between theoretical and experimental probability. Science topics included photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration to the survival of green plants and other organisms, comparison of physical changes and chemical changes that are the result of a chemical reaction, and the effect of heat on the motion of atoms.

150 individuals participated in this year’s Black History month event Black Wall Street: The Road to Entrepreneurship, which involved a presentation and panel discussion on starting a business.

In 2019, BCC participated in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) as a summer feeding site 1 day a week for 7 weeks. 27 free healthy meals were provided to children and teens in low-income areas during the summer months when school was not in session.

Our 2019 Christmas Drive provided 8 families, 25 children with assistance during the holidays.

AND, most recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BCC produced and distributed 100 masks to individuals and families through partner agencies.

Financial Statement

Berean Community Center received $27,064.36 in revenue for the fiscal year. 74% of the revenue came from general donations. Expenses for the fiscal year was $21,630.21.  Payroll and operating costs made up 60% of the expenses. 

Volunteer Impact

Our volunteers are the core of who we are. The Berean Community Center is so thankful for our 30 volunteers, their hard work and dedication! Our volunteers have made our programs and events a huge success providing 477 volunteer hours!

2019 Board of Directors

Rev., Dr. Arlee Griffin, Jr.
Berean Baptist Church of Brooklyn, NY and Raleigh, NC,
Senior Pastor
BCC Ex-Officio

Dr. Yolanda S. W. Moore
Optometrist, My Eye Doctor
Board President

Ms. Nia Mariso
Program Associate, NC Area Health Education Center
Board Secretary

Mrs. Jacqueline Wynn, MPH
Associate Director, NC Area Health Education Center
Board Vice President

Mr. J’Sham High
Educator, Wake County Public School System
Board Member

Mr. Dwight Thompson, Esq.
Attorney, SAS Institute
Board Treasurer

Mrs. Kathleen High
Executive Ministry Director, Berean Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC
Board Member