Be Engaged

We offer a variety of programs throughout the year to support our community. We’re always looking for volunteers and partners.

Be Enriched

We provide programs and access to resources and services through community collaborations that impact the holistic well-being of individuals and families.

Be Empowered

We value family and community connections

Our Vision…

is to become a leader in promoting holistic opportunities that impact and empower underserved students and their families in the Wake County and surrounding areas.

Our Mission…

is to equip students and their families through family-centered programs and access to academic, career, financial and health resources that increase academic success, career opportunities and improve wellness.

2022 - 2023 Family Academy

Join Us!

The Hunt for Success Family Academy program provides families with the necessary academic tools to support the success of their child’s education and to bring schools, parents/guardians, families, and community organizations together as equal partners.